Meet CLAIRE - Certn’s Industry Leading AI

Firm handshakes, eye contact, and properly manicured appearances are all subjective qualities or traits we associate with trust and reliability. But, not everyone is universally sound. CLAIRE goes beyond face value and helps identify red flags in:

Public Profiles

Social Media Profiles

Online Public Information

Criminal and Court Data

News/Media Data

Applicant Behaviour

Borrower Behaviour

Consumption Preferences


Core Valued

Credit & Financial Files

Credit Report

Employment Verification

Income Verification

Debt Ratios

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Certn is the new standard in risk management for credit issuers.

Applicant screening processes have not historically leveraged available data or artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively predict behavioural outcomes. With Certn, you can evaluate several dimensions, over millions of data points to effectively determine the credibility of people.

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Go beyond the Credit Bureau. Easily customize Certn to meet your needs. Securely collect applicant history, employment and financial information to verify identity, income, and employment. 

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Gain access to your applicants’ social and behavioural scores, get in depth insights on your tenants' credibility and avoid applicants with a history of missing rent payments.

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