Considering the personal information that insurance employees process daily, it’s crucial that insurance businesses screen job applicants properly. To ensure you are hiring the best candidates, take advantage of Certn’s highly customizable background check solutions.

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Hire qualified candidates, keep clients happy

Insurance professionals work with people who were involved in accidents, victimized by criminals or subjected to personal loss. Your customers count on their representatives to be knowledgeable, credentialed individuals who can help during difficult times. Certn provides Credential Verification services that ensure your applicants are qualified for the job.

Increased trust, reduced risk

Insurance agents and employees are relied upon to conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner with their customers best interest in mind. Forgoing a comprehensive criminal record search could come back to haunt you in more ways than one. Certn runs nationwide and federal criminal record checks that reveal whether or not the insurance agent or employee have a criminal past.

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Skip the wait

With insurance employees becoming more and more scarce, background check speed is critical for preventing the loss of candidates, and keeping your firm fully staffed. Certn gets your results to you in record time – it’s instant.

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