Food Production

From the fields to the kitchen, being able to trust food industry employees to handle product safely and follow regulations is essential. By helping you verify candidate credentials and identify potential risks, Certn can help you rest easy.

Food Production

Uphold brand equity, and your business

Ensure that you are hiring candidates who are qualified to handle food safely – not only to minimize health risks for consumers, but also to minimize risk to your business. Failing to follow safety standards can result in bad press, workplace incidents, and can even shut down your business completely.

Close candidates faster

The food industry is infamous for its high employee turnover rates. We get most results back to you instantly – which means you can keep up with the hiring process and reduce the loss of candidates.

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Take us with you to your next job fair

Perfect for seasonal hiring events and job fairs, Certn allows you to run a background check from your mobile device. It’s just one more way Certn helps you speed and simplify the employment screening process.

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