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EMEA – Digital ID Verification


Digital ID Verification, Instantly

Our digital ID service helps you to streamline your Right to Work checks for British and Irish passport holders and DBS criminal record checks while remaining compliant.

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Instant, Accurate Background Checks
with Digital ID

Digital ID checks enable employers to validate a person’s identity online prior to employment, making the Right to Work process smoother and easier. 

Digital Right to Work checks for British and Irish passport holders only came into force on October 1, 2022. Use our Digital ID Service to manage the Right to Work process for you.

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Lift Candidate Experience

Your candidates can complete the identity verification process in just a few clicks.

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Prevent Fraud

Use OneID to verify the accuracy of your candidate’s information before screening.

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Hire Globally with More Confidence

OneID supports over 11,000 government-issued ID types from over 190 countries.

Faster DBS Checks

We use an IDSP to support digital ID for the criminal record checks process. We’re able to accept UK and foreign passports as part of the validation process, as well as UK driving licences. 

The DBS has not removed the manual DBS ID guidance, or COVID-19 ID checking guidance, that allows identity to be checked remotely.

Applicants using the Digital ID Verification route may not need to provide physical documentation to verify their current address. If an applicant has a UK driving licence or the IDSP can verify their address using an authoritative source, they will not need to verify their current address using physical documents.

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Get Started with Better Background Checks

From one check to thousands, we can meet your business wherever you are. We give you the flexibility to choose the checks that matter most to you.

Technology-First Experience

Give your candidates a hiring experience you can be proud of with our mobile-first user experience that can integrate directly into the world’s most popular hiring and tenancy platforms. 

fast and accurate background checks

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s why our customers love us.

“At Tech Mahindra, we have close to 200,000 employees. Certn gives us speed, consistency, and a really simple experience for both our candidates and talent acquisition team.”

Dhawal Parikh
Head of Talent Acquisition, TechMahindra

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“The price point is amazing, and so is the service and turnaround time. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Deanna Brousseau
Director of Talent Acquisition, AltaML

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“Not only is the platform easy to use for all audiences, but the internal support system is beyond what we could have imagined.”

Suzy Ko
Talent Acquisition Leader, ATB Financial


Your Questions, Answered

A digital ID check is a convenient, government-compliant way to verify someone’s identity online.

Yes, the Digital Right to Work check is compliant with Home Office guidelines for employers in the UK where individuals are able to use in date British and Irish passports. The employer still needs to ensure that the photograph and personal details in the screening report match the person presenting for work. Failure to comply with this guidance could result in an employer not having the necessary “statutory excuse” required by law.

No, you will need to have their Right to Work status verified using the Home Office Right to Work in line with Home Office guidance ‘An employer’s guide to right to work checks: 6 April 2022,’ which includes using the Home Office Right to Work checker by providing a Share Code.

For DBS checks, the digital pathway is possible for anyone holding an in date passport from any country as long as their address can be verified by a UK driving licence and/or a digital verification with a credit referencing agency or IDSP through the Credence digital identity verification process.

Passports that have expired within the last 6 months can be used until further notice as the ID verification guidance set up during Covid-19 is still in place. As a result, you may continue to accept recently expired passports as part of the existing document-based ID checking process until further notice.

If you do use the Covid-19 ID checking process, original ID documents must be physically inspected at the point the employee starts work, or as soon as is practically possible.

An additional charge per applicant may be applied for digital ID verification to our DBS criminal record check, please reach out to your account manager for verification. For British and Irish only Right to Work digital ID verification fees, please contact your account manager as charges may apply depending on account check volume.

Further information can be found on GOV.UK at:

From 1 October 2022, employers must carry out one of the prescribed checks as set out in the Right to work checks: An Employer’s Guide before employment commences.

If an individual provides you with a Share Code via the Home Office online service, as the employer you must carry out the check by accessing the ‘View a job applicant’s right to work details’ on to obtain a statutory excuse against a civil penalty. Share Codes can only be used for the purpose they were originally selected for, within the Home Office online service. Learn more here regarding digital ID certification for RTW, rental and CRC checks and read the RTW employers guide.

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