What Separates Great Managers from the Not-so-Great?

All managers go through ups and downs. With the ever-changing landscape in business, today managers must continue to improve and innovate on how they motivate their employees. We will focus on 4 keys to help you start your transition from being a good manager to a great manager.  Select your staff based on their individual

A More Effective Manager with These 4 Tips

The role of General Manager in professional sport ranks at the top of the corporate ladder. A general manager is responsible for hiring head coaches, administrative personnel, compiling the team roster according to league salary caps, and determining standards for scouting prospects.  A manager of a sports team is the captain of the ship. They

Travelling with a Criminal Record – 5 Things You Need to Know

Travel is a favourite pastime of Canadians, and as Canadians, we’re privileged to be able to see the world. Unfortunately, for people with criminal records, travel is not so easy. There are many misconceptions around attempting to cross the border with a criminal record. These false notions have consequently resulted in many Canadians and residents