VEVO Right to Work Checks


Visa Entitlement Verification Online or VEVO Check

Easily check a the visa conditions of an applicant and get key information such as which visa was issued, the expiry date, the must not arrive after date, the period of stay and the conditions of stay.

An in demand and flexible workforce

In today’s changing environment the Australian government incentivises certain skilled labour to enter the country. This is usually based on the local workforce shortages.

Additionally in a global environment, we see international investment in industries such as the gig economy and mining also influence international worker migration. 

For this reason, organisations require a platform they can trust with ACIC accreditation and local support.

Easy to use online platform for individuals and business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A VEVO check allows visa holders, employers, education providers and other organisations to check visa conditions.

VEVO can only provide information about people who have their details available in the systems of the federal Department of Home Affairs. You may not have a searchable record if you migrated to Australia before 1990 and have not since travelled out of Australia. 

Applicants may then need to apply for an electronic visa record. If the applicant has an ImmiCard issued. Government agencies can then use the ImmiCard to check a commencement of identity in Australia.

Australian citizens have unlimited rights to work or study in Australia and cannot use VEVO to confirm this. Applicants can provide a copy of their Australian citizenship certificate or Australian passport to prove their citizenship.

  • your date of birth
  • your passport/ImmiCard number
  • your passport/travel document’s country of issue, and
  • one of the following reference types: Visa Grant Number, Transaction Reference Number (TRN), Visa Evidence Number, or VEVO password.

Penalties are enforced by the Australian Department of Home Affairs and include up to $63,000 and/or five years’ imprisonment per illegal worker and up to $315,000 for bodies corporates.

The type of visa issued when visiting Australia depends on factors such as the purpose of the applicants visit, or how long they are wanting to stay.

This check allows you to see the following key information pertaining to an applicants visa including:

  • how many hours they’re allowed to work
  • how many times they can enter and leave Australia
  • whether it’s a permanent or temporary visa
  • whether there are any restrictions or limitations on the visa
  • when the visa expires.
  • they no longer need a visa label on your passports.
  • they can check their visa details anytime you have internet access.
  • it becomes easier to check the progress of a visa or citizenship application online.
  • reduce hiring time and process by providing employers with their VEVO check results.