Qualification Check


Qualification and Trade Certification Checks

Verify if an individual holds a qualification or trade certificate directly with an issuing organisation.

Peace of mind.

Organisations and individuals can have peace of mind in knowing that there is a record of an individuals qualification and that this can be verified. This can be done quickly and simply through the Certn platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications from TAFE, Universities, Registered Training Organisation (RTO’s) and Private Colleges. These can include Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor/Master Degrees, First Aid Certificates and Online/Short Courses.

It proves to prospective employers that the applicant holds a relevant academic qualification, trade certificate or other recognised training certificate.

The report includes the name of the qualification, whether it was completed, the issuing institution, attendance and graduation dates.

This check can help you have the confidence to make better hiring decisions by confirming that the individual you’re looking to recruit holds a relevant qualification or certificate

Easy-to-use online platform all businesses.