ACIC Documents

Documents Required for Australian Police (ACIC) checks

When completing an Australian Police Check through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), you will require four pieces of identity so that we can process your background check. Typically this involves a passport, drivers license, medicare card, and bank or credit card. There are alternate identity documents that you can use, and we’ve listed them all for you below.

You’ll need one “commencement of identity” document.
This can be any of the list below:

  • full Australian Birth Certificate—not an extract or birth card, and not a commemorative certificate
  • a current Australian Passport
  • a valid Australian Visa (which may be in the form of a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) record or printout)
  • an Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • an official immigration record or document issued by the Department of Home Affairs or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

You’ll need one “primary use in the community” document.
This can be any of the list below:

  • current Australian driver’s licence, learner permit or provisional licence
  • a current foreign passport (with an accompanying Australia Visa)
  • a current proof of age card or photo identity card issued by a government agency
  • a current shooter or firearm licence (not a minor or junior permit)
  • if you’re under 18, a current student identification card that has your photo and your signature.

You’ll need “two secondary use in the community” documents.
This can be any two documents in the list below:

  • your Medicare card
  • evidence of your enrolment with the Australian Electoral Commission
  • a foreign government issued document—such as a driver’s licence, or marriage certificate
  • a government agency issued photo identity card
  • your Aviation Security Identification Card, or Maritime Security Identification Card
  • a bank card or credit card (the accredited body does not need to collect or record the number of your bank card or credit card and you should ask how this information will be removed if you provide a copy as part of your application).