Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) Police Check


Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) Police Check

Previously known as a police check, ACIC now works with police agencies (known as the National Police Checking Service) to provide a nationally coordinated criminal history check. 

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With Certn you can complete your police check anywhere, on a computer or your mobile phone. We are ACIC accredited through our subsidiary Intercheck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have received all of the required documents and your police check application has been submitted by you, we will process and submit it to the police checking services.

70% of police check results are returned within 1-2 business days. The remaining applications are processed within 3-12 business days or longer.

For applications that do take longer than two business days, we are reliant on the police to finalise these results and cannot fast track this process in any way.

You will be notified by us and your certificate instantly dispatched, as soon as the result has been finalised by the police checking services.

NO – A National Police History Certificate is current as of the date of issue. As it is a point in time check, there is no associated validity period. It is the organisation’s (who has requested the certificate) own discretion to determine what period of time a National Police History Certificate is acceptable.

The minimum proof of identity requirements can be found here.

YES. Absolutely we are certified to do a police check and this is recognised in every state and territory in Australia (i.e. Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Australian Capital Territory).

Organisations develop their own policies as to how long they deem a police check to be valid, before being required to complete another check. However, it is common for organisations to ask for police checks to be renewed annually.

The National Police Checking Service (NPCS) facilitates over 5 million checks each year, which may result in over 7000 referrals to police each day! As you could imagine a simple error could delay your results. At Certn we make the process as smooth as possible by supporting you every step of the way.