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AI Background Check App Certn Launches Pre-Employment Screening at HR Tech Summit in Toronto

Canada’s most innovative Screening Platform launches Stripe-Like pre-employment screening API and platform with some of Canada’s largest employers.

TORONTO, ON. June 26th, 2018 – Certn, the background screening platform using AI to predict applicant behavior, announced the public launch of their pre-employment background screening application and API. After closing their SEED round, Certn decided to take its human resources product public after successful pilots with large employers all over North America. Its product can be used in two forms; as a platform which acts as a “light” Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or through their plug and play “Stripe-like” API.

The launch coincides perfectly with the HR TECH SUMMIT, Canada’s Leading Independent HR Tech Event, where Certn will be showcasing their latest innovation to over 1,500 attendees.

“The HR tech sector is booming – and Canada is at the forefront of this boom, reaping the benefits of big investment in breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobile apps.” – hrtechsummit.com

The platform is poised to help growth companies hire the right people, while providing real-time reports and maintaining compliance with privacy legislation, according to Certn C3O, Andrew McLeod. The company has discovered that, in the tech sector, job postings can receive upwards of 250 applications which a human then has to review and sort. In order to avoid missing a great applicant, Certn helps narrow down the best candidate by looking at their skills, experience, work history and using natural language processing to help give high quality applicants the best shot of getting an interview.

“It can take hiring managers a full week to review every application that comes in, our AI can do the same job in seconds, meaning our clients never miss a great applicant because they didn’t have time to review every application,” says Certn co-founder and C3O Evan Dalton.

Certn was created with the goal of promoting inclusion while saving time for property managers and now, human resource professionals. Today, more than ever, growth companies like Uber, Amazon and Ritual, who have all hired hundreds of thousands of people in the last year, have started to rely more on AI to help eliminate routine tasks that could make them more efficient.

“Certn’s background screening would have been a big win for us during our recruiting process. As a subsidiary of a large public company we always performed a detailed and expensive background check before we extended an offer to a candidate. Having the opportunity to have a “light” background check at a very low cost before we invest significant internal resources into the recruiting process would have been a “no-brainer” for management.” – Dr. Hannes Blum, Venture Partner @ Acton Capital; Director @ Mobify, Chef’s Plate, Blitsy and Eloquii; formerly VP @Amazon, @AbeBooks.

In addition to the launch of their HR product, Certn will be announcing their partnerships with most major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and human resources software providers in North America.

“Our team has assembled the largest proprietary database of up-to-date, risk-scored information in the industry and can verify that the details provided on a job application are accurate” said Andrew McLeod, Certn Co-Founder. “Our platform integrates into existing application processes or can be used as a stand-alone process, automating and streamlining the decision-making, for high growth companies and the gig economy (rideshare, short-term contracts or freelance work).”

About Certn Inc.

Certn is a platform used to predict the future behaviors of people, completely changing the way applicant screening is done. Historically, employers have relied solely on staff and manual research tactics to determine which applicants to interview, wasting precious time and missing great applicants as a result. Certn leverages available data and artificial intelligence (Al) to effectively rank applicants based on their skills, experience, culture fit and risk profile. Since its inception in 2016, the company has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing tech startups. For more information, visit https://hirecertn.com.

Andrew McLeod
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