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Certn was founded with one goal in mind: build a platform that enhances how we evaluate credibility today to help promote financial inclusion while reducing risk for financial institutions, landlords and employers. Credit bureau's and credit reports play a serious role in the finances, careers and lives of people all over the world. It’s estimated that more than 3BN people globally could gain access to credit at affordable rates if there was an effective way to assess their ability to pay. Financial institutions, employers and landlords are often excluding their best customers because they have “thin” or “no” credit.… until now.

Certn is a platform that uses data points from thousands of sources to not only look at the past, but for the first time, leverages data science to predict the future. Using machine learning and AI, Certn creates the most comprehensive and predictive applicant profiles on the planet. This allows our customers to effectively validate identity, and make better risk decisions while satisfying KYC and AML requirements. 

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Our Team


Andrew McLeod

A 2x Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee, Andrew has many successful ventures to his name. He holds a BBA from Acadia University and a Masters of International Business and Law from the University of Sydney, Australia. His passions are social credit, surfing and anything to do with sports!


Evan Dalton

A legendary sales person and a C3O at Certn. Evan has close to a decade of B2B sales experience and is one of the most talented B2B sales professionals on the planet. Evan has also had many successful ventures to his name and has was recognized as a top performer at Cushman and Wakefield.


Owen Madrick

Owen is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for technology and providing companies with the necessary financial tools to grow and succeed. In addition to Canada Owen is also designated in the United States, as a CPA, and dedicated to building businesses that change the global technology landscape.

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Chris Cook

Chris is currently completing his Masters in Computer Engineering & Data Analytics. Combined with his background in Software Engineering and HCI, he has developed a strong interest in designing data-driven user experiences. When Chris isn't working, you can find him on the squash court.

Curtis Smith.jpeg

Curtis Smith

Curtis loves a challenge, big league. Whether he's taking on new system architectures or weaselling out of paying for lunch (flipsies) you know he's going to come out on top. Curtis is a tech guru and his willingness to get his hands wet on all aspects of development make him invaluable. He is currently seated last in round robin squash play.

Daniel Faulkner.jpeg

Daniel Faulkner

Daniel is a Software Engineering graduate currently completing a Masters in Computer Engineering and Data Analytics. Daniel enjoys designing, developing, and optimizing distributed data-processing systems, with a focus on security and concurrency. When not at his computer, Daniel can be found reading, distance running, or playing disc golf.


Elizabeth Liu QC

Elizabeth brings over 25 years of both legal and management experience to Certn. Her longstanding interest in technology and practical strategic and legal risk management advice makes her a crucial member of the team. As a barrister, Elizabeth has appeared as counsel at various levels of Court. She then gained valuable hands on management and operational experience as Vice-President & General Counsel of the Flora Group of Companies before starting LINK Business Law Group. Elizabeth was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2016.


Paul Rawlinson

With over 25 years experience in risk management at leading financial institutions, Paul has been the Chief Risk Officer (or its equivalent) for ING Direct, Deutsche Bank Canada, Home Trust and Economical Insurance. In those roles, he was responsible for establishing enterprise wide risk management programs and identifying, measuring, monitoring, managing and reporting on all aspects of market credit and operational risks.


Will Nettke

Will graduated from the University of British Columbia and has been a software developer for over 5 years. Will's role is to ensure Certn's scoring and data are accurate and predictive. When Will isn't behind the computer, he's searching for earth angels or hunting for waves with Andrew searching for a perfect line on his mountain bike.


Dr. Jeffrey Fuhr

Dr. Jeffrey Fuhr has been practicing as a Registered Psychologist for more than thirty years. His research has made him an industry expert in psychology, behaviour and personality profiling. With a keen eye for social trends and contemporary behavioural analysis, he is in charge of the scientic accuracy of Certn scores. "Dr. Jeff" enjoys yoga, zen-like thinking and creative thinking.





Reed Kipp

Reed is Partner at Devon Properties. Prior to joining Devon, Reed worked in investment banking at Barclays and corporate advisory at Ernst & Young in New York. Reed’s extensive background in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, strategy formulation, and property management make him a perfect fit for the team.

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