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4.8/5 Stars

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Get accurate identity verification & background screening results fast

Reduce time to hire with our quick turnaround times. Get results back in minutes instead of weeks.

“The best part is the speed of process and simplicity. We calculated that this process is 144x faster than our previous provider!”

Managing Director, G2 Reviewer

“It’s amazing compared with the other services we’ve used in the past, and it’s also much better for the candidates as well”

Managing Partner, G2 Reviewer

“Workers can use the service on their smartphones and get through the process in about 15 minutes. A slick looking branded interface for employee prospects.”

Health & Safety Compliance Manager, G2 Reviewer

“The user interface is very simple which makes it easy for us to train managers and new HR staff on how to use the product.”

Human Resources Specialist, G2 Reviewer

Deliver the best screening experience with our friendly approach

Drive down candidate loss in a competitive hiring economy. Make it easy for your candidates to complete their checks, and for your recruiters to monitor their progress with our intuitive platform.

Find the right people you need with comprehensive checks

Confidently verify diverse backgrounds with AI-powered identity verification and global background checks. With risk-relevant people data from over 200 countries and territories, and 200,000 data sources, Certn’s screening platform gives you the power to build trust in people.

Optimize your hiring and screening workflow

Customize your screening packages and pay only for what you need. Our modern, direct-to-source API is integrated with major ATS platforms, enabling you to manage checks across all departments, locations or clients.

Compliance Is in Everything We Do

Certn is SOC 2-, SOC 3-, and ISO 27001-certified and we adhere to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. 

Our in-house compliance experts and experienced customer support teams help you maintain a compliant background screening program and ensure your success with our platform.

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Make Applicant Screening A Seamless Part Of Your Workflow

Certn integrates with your trusted applicant tracking systems. Here are a few…

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